Notes of 9 June virtual meeting

Google Analytics

How to set up Google Analytics

Step 4 (add the tracking code) is done using the Metrics Query plugin. It should appear as Metrics Query > General Settings towards the foot of the menu on your WordPress admin screen. Authorise the plugin to access your Google Analytics account with the relevant tracking code.

Google Search Console

A companion tool to Google Analytics to show how well Google is indexing your website.


A free online and downloadable image editor, similar to Photoshop Elements.

Comment media attachments plugin

Lets visitors attach media such as photos when they comment on your web pages.

Copyright and volunteers

A new guide covering:

  • Volunteers and ownership of copyright
  • Assignment versus licences
  • Importance of crediting volunteers
  • Volunteers, copyright and governance
  • Copyright checklist when working with volunteers
  • (Template) Deed of Assignment of Copyright